Advantages and disadvantages of chatting on the internet

Chatting via the internet has become the new ‘normal’ – as opposed to ‘calling’. A quick message is preferred over long phone conversations when a very precise message needs to be delivered. Well, calling and talking on the phone for hours together, has not yet lost its charm, but messaging apps have introduced a new kind of zing that keeps both – the young and the old glued to their smartphones – chatting away – happily!

Advantages and disadvantages of chatting

Chatting on the internet however, has its own advantages and disadvantages:


Making long distance phone calls regularly could drain your pockets. Chatting over the internet is practically free and does not burden you financially. Well, many of the chatting apps also have an internet calling facility. This means that you can talk and have a video call too – very affordably!


While you are chatting with your friends or family, you can perform a number of other tasks too. You can reply to emails for instance, or finish typing a document or talk to someone in the room. If you do not have too much time for calling, it’s one of the best options. Well, the disadvantage about this kind of multitasking is that your attention is divided among several things. So, for exclusive, crucial conversations where attention is expected, phone calls are still the preferred medium.

Might get in the way of time management

Chatting on the internet is – let’s face it time consuming. So, especially if you are too caught up in the conversation, you might lose track of time. You can end up talking for longer than you wanted to and other tasks get negatively impacted.

Understand the communication barriers

Hearing the ‘tone’ of voice is difficult on a chat app. There is a possibility of misinterpretation in some cases. Moreover, your voice cannot be heard, face cannot be seen and meaning could be twisted as per the mindset of the person on the other end of the chat. Carefully wording your sentences is the only way out!

Think about the dangers

Over the internet, you really never know who is on the other end – especially if you are talking to someone you do not already know. There is no way of verifying the identity of the person and you have to take his word for it. Chat apps could be misused in many ways – so it’s always a good idea to be judicious about the way you use them – especially if you do not personally know the person on the other end.

Chat apps have brought the world closer – even closer than what social media or even the internet could do! They are quick, easy to use and provide users with a great way to stay connected with their near and dear ones!

Chats In is one such instant messaging app which you can download and use on your Androids from Google Playstore.

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How social chatting apps have changed our lives!

Whenever there is a new chatting app, we are always eager to try it out. Let’s face it. These apps do have really interesting features and are the latest and most convenient way of staying in touch with your world constantly. In addition, these free chatting apps for Android are a great way to find and connect to new friends, friends who share your interests and understanding.

How social chatting apps have changed our lives!

Social media and chatting apps have changed the way the world interacts. It is now more natural to interact virtually than to meet and converse face to face. One great advantage of this change is that distance and time no longer act as impediments to keeping in touch. One–on-one messaging of chatting apps has overshadowed the older methods of social media interaction. They have also prompted marketers to use this new medium in business just as it is used in personal space.

It’s pretty simple to download these chatting apps for free and once installed you are ready to go out and meet the world. Unlike other apps that we download and often forget after the initial use, we use chatting apps constantly and regularly. The one great advantage of these chatting apps over other social media interaction is definitely the privacy you enjoy.

Chatting apps are not restricted to keeping relationships alive. These apps are also a means of connecting to new people, and getting to know about new and interesting places. You have apps that act as guides in unknown destinations. These tell you about activities of people around you; and they give you details of places you will enjoy visiting. They also rate these places helping you to select the best for you.

Chatting apps are good for more than just texting: you can use them for sending video messages and audio messages too. These features make your interaction more interesting and also more vibrant and life like. And you get to do all this in real time. No need to wait for an opportune moment to get in touch. Every incident, each experience goes out to your contacts as each happens. That’s a great way to keep those who are far close to you. It makes your contacts a part of your experiences. It is an opportunity to get suggestions and comments from them.

Free chatting apps for Android have impacted your life and the lives of all those around you. Your devices stay in your hands day and night and you are attached to these devices for work, pleasure and personal interaction with friends and family. Society and social interaction depend on chatting apps as do professional interactions. These apps open up new avenues for personalized contact; contact that gives direct and immediate access business success. Chatting apps act as your promotional campaigns and establish a direct connection between you as marketer and your end users.

Chats In is one such instant messaging app which you can download and use on your Androids from Google Playstore.

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How modern day communication has become more dependent on messaging apps?

Modern day communication has become mobile dependent rather than computer dependent. Mobile messaging apps have been launched regularly and have grown in popularity. These apps not only provide a platform for verbal communication but have added features that make them interesting and interactive. ChatsIn is one such app. It combines the convenience of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones with the excitement of connecting with new people, getting to know the happening places in an unknown location, and checking on preferences of all users.

How modern day communication has become more dependent on messaging apps

Let’s explore how it is good and what the drawbacks are:

How is it a good thing?

Chatting apps are a seamless way to keep conversations rolling at all times and in all conditions. Each experience is shared instantly using these apps so that your connections can be with you even without being physically present.

Typing messages on chatting apps requires little effort. Lengthy words are easily replaced with smileys, stickers and voice messages effectively carrying not just thoughts but emotions as well. The experience sharing becomes more real.

An added advantage is that of sending photographs and videos as chats. This feature gets all on board in actually understanding and enjoying experiences.

The conversations on messaging apps can be mailed, saved and read at later. The experience is caught and stored for you to enjoy again and again.

The most exciting aspect of messaging apps is that you can form groups to interact. What a unique way to carry on many sided conversations from different locations. Creating various groups helps you to interact with people of similar interests without the constraint of intruding on disinterested people.

The advantages of messaging apps have been taken up by businesses to reach out to customers and teams to sell or report or get new orders.

What are the drawbacks?

One serious drawback of messaging apps is the effect they have on writing skills. They are used so extensively, that traditional writing skills are forgotten and overshadowed leading to inadequate skills of expression.

Messaging apps are addictive. Once you start using them you are hooked on to them for a major part of your time. This can obstruct productivity and lead to your attention being fixed more on sharing an experience than enjoying it to the fullest.

Messaging apps are becoming more important than face to face relationship building. The overuse of these apps is an impediment for devoting time to in-depth conversation and empathy building.

With the number of chatting apps available in the market, users are ready to download multiple apps on their phones. They use these apps constantly, sending and checking messages all the time. This is a waste of time and energy.

Downloading too many apps eats up storage space on mobile phones effectively slowing down its functions and leading to quick battery drainage.

ChatsIn and other messaging apps have changed the way the world communicates both personally and professionally. Use them, enjoy them but also use your discretion to avoid over dependence on them.

Chats In is one such instant messaging app which you can download and use on your Androids from Google Playstore.

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Social Chatting Apps: how to use them prudently

So, you love to chat, to make new friends, to socialise and you download apps to help you to do that. Using apps to chat has become a way of life for you. With the help of these apps on your devices you are never alone; you can share every moment of your day and life with family and friends. If this description fits you then the ChatsIn app will interest you. It is an app to connect you with people you have not met and those whom you wish to stay in touch with.

Social Chatting Apps
Social Chatting Apps

Ever been to a new place and felt the need to be with friends? Well, the ChatsIn app is here to help you out. Download the app from Google Play store and enjoy its many advantages.

The app takes your current location and displays all the interesting places around you. Use the list the app displays as your guide map in an unknown location. Decide on the ones that you want to visit and learn more to make a final decision.

The app provides you with reviews and ratings from people who have been to these places. Use their experience and comments to decide whether you would like the place. There is no need to walk in and be disappointed with what you find. You feel confident about your choice and just walk in to enjoy the facilities offered. Simply do a Check In to get this information.

The app makes more information available to you. Go to Daily Reports to see how many have done Checkins in the last 24 hours. That tells you how popular the place is. And you can send these people connection requests and messages too to discuss their reviews and know more about their experiences. So it’s not just what you word of mouth but a chance to get a first- hand account from a user.

The message is still indirect interaction for some of you. When you want to start a direct chat send a nudge to your new friend. Once your friend accepts your nudge you are free to start chatting.

The app has the recent stops option. Use it to find out the latest checkins of other users. You get an idea of where the crowd gathers. Drop in and make friends, connect and send messages or nudge them to start a chat and set up a date.

The connections you make are added to your connection list. Refer to this list to begin chatting with them.

The app has a gallery that stores all images you and other users upload. That gives you the option to socialise through your images. Track people on the map and connect with them. Your list of friends will soon become very long.

Download the ChatsIn mobile app and change your life style. Display a new you to the world, grow your circle, network with people, and live a full life on the go.

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A Regular Chatter? Try ChatsIn

ChatsIn mobile app is a free chatting app for chat lovers. Connect with people nearby, make new friends, chat up interesting people, and keep in constant touch using this app.

A Regular Chatter

The app has many interesting features. It displays your location and provides a list of places near you.  You can check for people who have visited these places and then decide on the ones you would like to interact with. Send friend requests to these people through the app and once this request is accepted you can visit each other’s profiles. To start chatting you need to send a nudge to your new friend.

The app has a daily report feature that permits you to see the daily activities of all users. You can also send them requests and messages based on their activities. The recent stop feature of the app tells you about all recent CheckIns of users. This is useful as it tells you about the users who frequently stay online. Based on these inputs you can make new friends or chat with existing ones. Besides, you can even start dating some of new users. Make connection and grow your circle of friends rapidly. You also have connection lists and can use them to make new connections from the connection menu. Users have the opportunity to upload photographs too. These are available for viewing. In this way you track people through maps and chat with them too.

In order to use the app you need to first create your account by choosing a user name and password.  The app gives you the alternate facility of using your existent Face Book account to sign in. when you choose to use your existing account you save yourself the trouble of remembering a new set of username and password.

After signing up, just log in to your account and check in to see where you can go and what people you can meet there. Get to know the place through the users who have already been there. The recent stops feature helps you to gauge the popularity of a place and also to get to know the type of people likely to frequent that place. Based on your interests and inclinations, you then visit these places yourself.

When you find users you would like to connect with remember to send them not just a request but a nudge also. Once both your request and nudge have been accepted you begin to send chat messages. So your privacy can never be invaded and you get total control of the connections you accept and open up to.

By uploading images you make your profile more attractive and help other users to understand your interests. Sending requests, making friends, sending and accepting nudges becomes simpler once you see these images. The ChatsIn app encourages you to explore new places and connect with new people safely and securely. Try it and find a world of connections.

Chats In is one such instant messaging app which you can download and use on your Androids from Google Playstore.

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